Busy Day

Yesterday was an extremely busy day, but also very interesting and productive. First I talked with the instructor for the Computer in Art class and she gave me permission to enroll in the class. She was very nice, and I am really looking forward to having her as an instructor and also the class. Several of my Ambrose art friends have stated what a great instructor she is. I am going to purchase Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator plus two other programs. I am really interested in the class because I want to learn how to use these programs.
My Printmaking class took a field trip to Iowa City. After lunch we visited the Center for Books on the University of Iowa campus. Sarah, one of the instructors, gave us a tour and explained the program. Then we went to the University Library and David, the Artist Books Curator, selected some books for us to look at. They were really neat. I am always amazed at how creative and talented the book artists are. Then we visited a paper store that will open in a few weeks. A young woman who got her MFA from Iowa a few years ago is starting the business. She talked about herself and her plans. She was very enthusiastic and interesting. I hope she is successful.
I got back to Davenport at 5:15p.m., just in time to go to the Radisson for the International Women Author Series.  The featured speaker was Bharati Mukherjee, an Indian authoress who has lived her adult life in the United States.  Janet and I had read two of her novels, Desirable Daughters and The Tree Bride.  I would not classify either book as outstanding.  Desirable Daughters was better.  The Tree Bride was a study of the British in India.  She gave a lot of interesting information about colonial India and other aspects of life at that time.  However, the book was very difficult to read.  There were several flashbacks and it was hard to follow.   She wanted to show that there are no coincidences; everything is interconnected. She never really developed that idea satisfactorily.  I was surprised that there weren’t a lot of people from India at the talk.  I didn’t see any, but there could have been some.  I would be interested in hearing what they thought of the books.  Her talk was interesting and she certainly was personable.  I met her and visited briefly with her when she signed my books.

Bharati Mukherjee autographing Desirable Daughters and The Tree Bride

The dinner and book talk was put on by the Women’s Connection of the Quad Cities.  We have attended all four of these International Women Author Series events.  We enjoyed all of them.  The Women’s Connection does an excellent job in putting on these programs.


About grom1012

I am retired and stay quite active. I am a docent at our local art museum and I take classes from a local university. I enjoy gardening, spending time with my model railroad, and reading. I also enjoy traveling. I am married and have three children, four grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. We also have an eight-year old spoiled Schnauzer who thinks he is in charge of our home - and he probably is.
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2 Responses to Busy Day

  1. asrai7 says:

    I went to the Library for Book arts with Joseph when I tagged along with his Book Arts class, it was a lot of fun! I just finished my first book myself.

    Hope your managing through this busy time of year! If I don’t talk to yousoon, have a happy holiday. 😀

  2. Sue Witte says:

    I’m just now spending time with your blog, Don. You are certainly the epitome of what ‘retrenching’ is all about. I’m amazed at all the things you are doing of a creative nature. Yes, sorry the Germany trip was cancelled as you could have really applied your German speaking talents…I’m sure there will be another opportunity. Maybe this summer? Rabbi Karp is there now with Ambrose students studying the Holocaust and think it will be pretty cold at the sites they’ll be visiting. You mentioned going to hear Bharati Mukheijee speaking at the Women’s Connection. Seeing her name in print causes me to think she was here for the Author’s Week someone (?) sponsors every year a few years ago. Did she speak of such? If not, I have a friend who will know…Your print making was great I liked the finished product with Gromit on the red scarf with all the yellow leaves spread round…His image was darling. I couldn’t read the verse on the postcard which started out Dear Oak Tree. Maybe you could send it to me? I saw Joy Kilstrom twice in about a month & have her e-mail so will send her your blog address so she can catch up with you if she chooses….I told her you were doing great things….I’m still keeping on keeping on and am thinking about finding a place in early Feb. in a warmer clime where I can do another Road Scholar program. I just returned from Nashville where we had a WHITE CHRISTMAS! The first in 17 years! I’m ready to regroup right here and will probably take a CommUniversity course if I don’t do a Road Scholar program…The one Pat Shea does on Celtic Spirituality interests me…Happy New Year to you and Janet…Always good to run into you here and there…May there be lots of fun surprises along the way in 2011 for both of you….Sue

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