My New Year’s Resolution was to write on my blog twice a week. That never materialized. I haven’t written on this since the 17th of January. I meant to, but just never got around to it. I do have things I can write about, but for some reason just keep putting it off. I’m going to have to get better organized.
I have been back to school for three weeks now. I am enjoying my classes. I had to drop the art class so am now taking German and algebra. The German is interesting. We are reading short stories by German authors. It is neat reading actual German literature rather than the readings from the textbook. We still spend time on grammar and vocabulary development. I had planned on spending time each day reading a German newspaper online, but that hasn’t happened. Algebra is difficult, but I do find it interesting and challenging. We had our first test last Thursday. There were twenty-five questions. One I just didn’t know how to work and another I realize I missed because of a stupid mistake on my part. I hope I didn’t do anything careless on the other questions.


About grom1012

I am retired and stay quite active. I am a docent at our local art museum and I take classes from a local university. I enjoy gardening, spending time with my model railroad, and reading. I also enjoy traveling. I am married and have three children, four grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. We also have an eight-year old spoiled Schnauzer who thinks he is in charge of our home - and he probably is.
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